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The Contensive Library

What is the Contensive Library?  

The library provides a simple set of dotnet objects for authentication, state management and hardware abstraction.. We have used it everyday in many project, letting us reuse a code base built on Windows, the dotnet languages and namespace and the Amazon AWS scalable services.

This  open source project and documentation was originally intended for our employees, clients, partners and friends. We thank everyone for their contributions over the years and welcome this new step allowing you to fork, clone and contribute directly.

This documentation is focused on version 5.0 and above. Version 5.0 is functionally compatible. Earlier versions use different installation and maintenant instructions.

How do I get started?

The development environment is a Windows machine (or server) with IIS and Sql Server (express) installed. There are several scenarios with slightly different requirements. We have focused documentation primary on these three use cases. 

  1. A single-server website.
    • This configuration is a typical single server website where the static content (images, etc) come from the same server as the dynamic content (aspx pages).
    • Download the Contensive50AspxSample website solution for Visual Studio. This is a very simple site that demonstrates how to interface with Contensive.
    • Download the server manager command line program and run ">cclib -new" to configure the server and application. 
    • Publish your aspx website to this iis site.
    • For more details you have to wait for the Getting Started section.
  2. A single-server online application
    • This configuration has the domain bound to a static website server. The dynamic elements are called from client-side ajax requests. 
    • Add the nuget package Contensive.clib to your Dotnet application. 
    • Download the server manager command line program and initialize a Contensive application for your project. 
    • For more details you have to wait for the Getting Started section.
  3. A multi-server online application (documentation to come).

Where do I get it?

To add Contensive references to your Visual Studio project, use NuGet

The command line server manager tool and supporting utilities are available on

The source code is available on GitHub.

For older projects,  download and install version 4.1. The developer API documentation and the user documentation are the same. The primary differences are the server implementation strategy (from DCOM to dotnet), deprecating COM addons, and moving to an open source model.

How can I get help?

Contensive customers can always contact If you are interested in a person to help, please contact for support agreement details.

For support as an site manager on the administration site, editing records, managing people, email, etc, please take a look at user sections in our  Wiki.

For developers, there is basic introduction on the  GitHub Wiki, and more detailed documentation on our Company Wiki, and public API

If you found a bug, please search and contribute to the Github issue log.

To use the Contensive Library (clib) in Visual Studio, add the  NuGet Module

To manage an application on the server, download and install the  Server Manager

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